Budapest Riot – Budapest Protest

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During the 2006 October 23. Budapest Revolution Anniversary events there were some riots in Budapest streets. The first thing was some protesters stole a tank used in the 1956 revolution. The tank was on the street from a museum for the anniversary event. The tank driver was an old man who could drive the tank. Fortunately the tank has only minimal fuel so he could drive it for only 200 meters far.
The police arrested him and the other riots started to “demonstrate”. The policemen had to use tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannon to disperse crowds of rioters on the street.

This happened on the Deak Ferenc square. I just go up from the subway and saw this battle of policemen and rioters. I hardly take a breath because of the tear gas in the subway station.
Deak square Budapest Demonstration
After this I went to the direction of the Astoria.

Astoria Budapest
At the Astoria (it is a crossing in Budapest and the name of the Astoria Hotel there) a big counter party event held by the FIDESZ many people there. After a while the event started to disperse and started to transform a Budapest riot demonstration against the MSZP and Ferenc Gyurcsany Prime Minister of Hungary.

Ferenciek tere tear gas
Tear gas in the air at Ferenciek tere Budapest.

Some more tear gas from the police

Budapest Riot
At the Ferenciek tere some rioters started to raise a barricade on the street.
Stuff for the barricade from a building reconstruction.
the mob building the barricade
The guy was wearing ski glasses against the tear gas



The barricade was done on the Ferenciek sqare
Ferenciek Square is situated on the Pest bank of the Danube near to the Elizabeth Bridge, the bridge was closed from traffic.

RTL Klub Budapest TV
The reporter of the RTL Klub at the demonstration (one of the big commercial TV channel in Hungary)

Motor riders on the Elizabeth Bridge


policemen Budapest
The group of policemen on the Nyugati square in front of the Western Railway Station (Nyugati palyaudvar)

Rakoczi street Budapest
There were other brutal destruction in Budapest by rioters on the Blaha Lujza square and the Rakoczi street.


barricade on the Erzsebet hid
The rioters started to raise a barricade on the other side of the Elizabeth Bridge to block the way from the other group of policemen coming from the other side.


ambulance car



Hir TV Budapest

Google earth image Budapest
A Google Earth image about the scenes of the above Budapest night photos.

Budapest Riot – Budapest Demonstration

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