Flamenco Hotel Budapest

Posted in Budapest Hotels by arpiboy on November 27th, 2011

Flamenco Hotel Budapest is a good choice for accommodation

Hungary is amongst one of the biggest tourist places of Europe and its capital city, Budapest is totally scenic. The first thing that comes into the minds of the tourists is no doubt a proper place to stay. And its very best and alive example is Park Hotel Flamenco Budapest. Flamenco hotel Budapest is situated in the XI. district of Budapest at a walking distance from a tram station and it nearly takes 2-3 minutes to reach from the station the hotel. Though the Flamenco hotel Budapest is not new but its service and environment is mind blowing.

Flamenco Hotel Budapest is a budget hotel and hence it doesn’t bother much on the pockets of the tourists. The rooms are good but a bit old designed furniture and bed sometimes pass negative impact on the visitors and hence beside good food, environment and people its ratings are not very high among the travelers. Instead of this some people get so much fascinated by this hotel that they like to visit this hotel again and again. The reason is that Danubius Hotel Flamenco Budapest is a bit far from the Budapest’s congested life and hence provides complete peace and harmony to one’s mind.

Flamenco Hotel Budapest and the Bottomless Lake

flamenco hotel budapest next to the hemingway restaurant

One more delighting place is the Hemingway’s restaurant (only at a distance of 200 yards from this hotel) where you can eat and drink in full swing. Hemingway restaurant situated next to the Feneketlen to (Bottomless lake) and a small park around them as you can see on the photo as well. The Sunday nights are awesome here and this is like a bonus that comes with the Flamenco Hotel Budapest. Moreover if you love swimming then it has a indoor pool for you and water is so cold that it shivers you for a while. Most of the visitors like this as they are on a vacation, so they look for complete fun.

So, if your budget is small and you still want some graceful stay, helpful staff, mental peace and yummy food then Flamenco Hotel Budapest is all for you.

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