Buda, the historical side of Budapest

If you want to discover the rich history of Budapest you may begin your experience on the Western bank of the Danube, in the middle of Buda.

Most people reserve hotels in Pest but you can find quality accommodations in Buda the Castle District too. If you want to get to Buda use the public transport through the bridges or the subway line 2 red. You may walk through the bridges, especially the Chain Bridge or Liberty Bridge and admire the panorama from there.

The best place to start is the Clark Adam square, which is situated at the end of Chain Bridge. On the right you can see the old tunnel beneath the Castle Hill and on the left there is the funicular train heading up to the Castle. Right there you will see the entrance to the Castle, which houses the Budapest History Museum. Part of the Buda Castle is occupied by the National Szechenyi Library and the Hungarian National Gallery. Underneath the museums you can find the Palatinal Crypt and the Palace Chapel from the Middle Ages. Opening hours to the last two sights are limited so look for up to date information.

Outside you will pop into the beautiful Matthias Fountain and on the frontal terrace overlooking the Danube you can admire the Monument of Prince Eugene of Savoy, liberator of Buda. Continue your visit towards the Sandor Palace, which is the home of the President of the Republic. The old streets in Buda Castle are leading towards a huge church, namely the Matthias church. Next to the church you will find the Fisherman’s Bastion from which you can admire one of the best panorama of Budapest. Inside there is a newly opened gourmet restaurant. Spend some time wondering around the old houses and feel the ancient atmosphere of Buda. The Museum of Military History takes you through the ages from horse archers to modern day equipment.

Take a stroll at sunset on the Toth Arpad walkway and taste some fine wines at the nearby wine cellar. There is a unique place underneath the Castle Hill called the Labyrinth of the Castle. The caves lead you through time as they move through the hill. At the bottom end of the caves there is the Hospital in the Rock. It speaks of the XX. century and especially the Cold War period. Bus number 16 takes you up and down and back to the centre of Pest from Buda Castle. From the Castle District head towards Gellert Hill at Buda. At the foot of the hill you will find Gellert Spa and Rudas Spa the later famous for its five hundred year old Turkish bath. Start at the former and visit the small chapel carved into the rocks.

Citadel at Buda

From there on leads a small pathway uphill Buda. At the top you will find the Citadel. Look around and you can see the whole city or simply admire the sunset below the Statue of Liberty. Behind the statue there are some restaurants and a museum with exhibitions of World War II weapons. At the Northern part of Buda there is the Rozsadomb district, home for the Hungarian elite. Walk around the villas and you will find the Gul Baba Turbesi, a sacred shrine of Islam. From there it is a half hour trip to Aquincum the Roman city. Open all year with permanent and temporary exhibitions.