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Art on Lake Budapest

Posted in Budapest Parks,Budapest Photos by arpiboy on September 4th, 2011

The Art on Lake exhibition in the Varosliget Budapest

art on lake vajdahunyad castle

Budapest Zoo

Posted in Budapest Parks by arpiboy on April 3rd, 2007

Budapest Zoo info

budapest zoo photo
The gate, entrence of the Budapest Zoo in the City Park close to the Heroes’ Square. The Hungarian name of the palce is Allatkert and it is a popular to families with child mostly in the summer season.

The Budapest Zoo is real old-fashioned zoo with all modern conveniences. The buildings were designed in the late 19th century and they still show their original design. It has more than 700 animal species and numerous plants from all around the world. The latest addition to the zoo’s collection is the wombat. The zoo presents the flora and fauna of Hungary as well. Children love to spend time with interactive games and getting to know the animal kingdom. It’s not only a zoo but a great place to relax and take a stroll in the botanical garden.

Mechwart Liget Budapest

Posted in Budapest Parks by arpiboy on November 25th, 2006

mechwart liget
Mechwart liget is a small park in the second district of Budapest close to the Mammut Mall.

Feneketlen To Budapest – Bottomless Lake

Posted in Budapest Parks by arpiboy on November 17th, 2006

feneketlen to budapest
The Feneketlen To there’s no real English word to translate, the “Bottomless lake” would be proper. Feneketlen Lake is not so deep only the name of it. There is a nice park around the lake. Today I just went there and make some photos about it. At the Feneketlen Lake there is the Park Theatre and Cafe Rolling Rock. Next to the Lake the Flamenco Hotel is.

Millenar Park Budapest – Millenaris Park

Posted in Budapest Parks by arpiboy on October 21st, 2006

Millenar park Budapest photo
Millenar Park is relatively new park in Budapest actually in Buda behind the Mammut 2 Shopping Mall. Before the millenar park there was a big factory there named GANZ. The factory has not working for a while and closed. They left the buildings but renovated them and made a nice park with a lake and concert and event halls. In summer this is a good place after shopping in the Mammut Mall to rest a while. Just go out of the mall and behind the Mammut 2 building you can find easily the Millenar Park Budapest or in Hungarian Millenaris Park.

Millenaris Park Budapest
There was the end of the Cow Parade Budapest in the Millenar Park. Here was the collection of the Cows from the streets of Budapest. You can see one of the cow sculptures in front of the event hall in the Millenar Park Budapest.