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Wakeboard Omszk Lake Hungary

Posted in Budapest Tours,Budapest Videos,Hungary Tours,Hungary Videos by arpiboy on June 4th, 2008

On the video it is ME Arpad Domonkos. I like wakeboarding and the weather is getting better in Hungary like Summer. If You like waterskiing or wakeboarding go to Omsz lake (Omszki tó) it is 15 Km far from Budapest only.

Tropicarium Budapest Campona Mall

Posted in Budapest Tours by arpiboy on April 20th, 2007

Tropicarium Budapest photo
On the May 26, 2000, the largest aquarium in Central Europe, 3000 square meter known as the Tropicarium- Oceanarium, opened in Budapest, Hungary.

campona mall budapest
Ticket Prices:
Adults – HUF 1700
Adults over 62 years and children between 4-14. – HUF 1000

Tropicarium Budapest
Campona Shopping Center
1222 Budapest Nagytetenyi street 37-45
Tel: +36 1 424-3053

Hungarian Parliament Budapest

Posted in Budapest Tours by arpiboy on November 13th, 2006

Parliament Budapest photo
Parliament of Hungary from Buda bank of the Danube River

The Parliament Budapest is the largest building in Hungary the permanent site of the national assembly, Budapest Parliament sits on the Danube embankment with its entrance looking out over Kossuth Square. The neo-Gothic building is the work of architect Imre Steindl and was constructed between 1884-1904. The Parliament has 691 rooms, is 268 meters long and its cupola rises 96 meters into the air. The staircase is embellished with fine frescoes by Karoly Lotz and sculptures by Gyorgy Kiss. Parliament’s most important work of art the painting “The Conquest” by Mihaly Munkacsy, is in the Munkacsy Room next to the President’s office. Since 2000 the general public has been able to view the Hungarian coronation regalia here: Saint Stephen’s Crown, the scepter, orb and Renaissance sword.

Budapest Parliament tours:
Daily every 15 minutes, groups of minimum 5 people (weekdays 8 am – 6 pm Saturday 8 am – 4 pm, Sunday 8 am – 2 pm); assemble at Parliament Gate number 10.

Daily tours with foreign language guides: English 10 am, noon, 2 pm; German 11 am, 3 pm; French 2 pm; Hebrew 10.30 am, 1.30 pm; Russian 3 pm (Sunday 11 am); Italain and Spanish 11.30 am, 4 pm.

Admission: adults HUF 2300, students HUF 1150, International Student Card accepted, free for citizens of European Union (EU).
Parliament Budapest Demonstration 23 Oct picture
A photo about the Budapest Parliament on 23 October 2006 during the Budapest Demonstrations. The whole Kossuth Square was closed from the general public entry.

How to get to the Parliament Budapest by public transport?

line 2 (red one) subway Kossuth ter stop
bus number 15
trolley bus number 70 and 78
tram number 2

Address: Budapest district V. Kossuth Square 1-3
Information: + 36 1 441-4000

Budapest 1956 Revolution 50th Anniversary

Posted in Budapest Tours by arpiboy on October 24th, 2006

The Andrassy boulevard (ut) was the other place of the 50th anniversary of the Budapest revolution of 1956. Andrassy Street is a 2 kilometers long street in Budapest from the Deak Ferenc ter to the Heroes Square in the middle of it there is the Octagon (Oktogon).

Just to understand what was this event all about. 23 of October is one of the biggest national holiday in Hungary. 50 years ago the Hungarians tried to wipe out the communism and Soviet dictatorship from Hungary, but they’ve failed. They did not get any help from USA or other Western European nations. So we had to wait up to 1998 to do so.
Just imagine the suppression in the communism there were no rights to the citizens to speak and do things freely or just go to Western Europe for holiday. We had to wait years to buy a new paper car called Trabant and made in the DDR Eastern Germany.

But the Hungarians wanted to be free and we were the first old country in the socialism who quit from Russia (Soviet Union) and the other eastern block countries followed us. Maybe you see the movies called “The Wall” about the Berlin Wall you can get the picture over it.

So the event was held over a distance of several hundred meters, starting from the Oktogon in the direction of Heroes’ Square.

The 1956 numbers from candles on the street at the Oktogon.

chajka csajka car
Chajka old soviet limousine car

Chajka Soviet car
Chajka inside
Like in the real world. Here with actors and actress
Soldiers. Like a sculpture, they were alive but did not move.
tank on the Andrassy ut Budapest
A tank from the past on the Andrassy boulevard
Wall of the Heroes at the House of Terror Museum
Budapest 1956 Revolution events

Budapest 1956 Revolution Tour

Posted in Budapest Tours by arpiboy on October 24th, 2006

1956 Revolution Tour Budapest in 2006. 22 of October

I’d like to give you some insight of the Budapest 1956 Revolution 50Th anniversary events in Budapest Hungary. There more than one places where the events held.
The Corvin koz and behind the Corvin cinema there was an Open Museum (Nyitott muzeum) on the Kisfaludy street.

Open Museum Budapest
Open Museum Budapest (Nyitott muzeum) behind the Corvin Cinema.
Budapest cannon


Machine gun

Machine Gun from the revolt
old car

police car

Old police car

revolution car 1956


tank on the strret

You could see some old tanks and cannons from the 1956 revolt Budapest. The children were playing on them.

revolutioner guy

tank 1956

speaker on the tank


soldier statue

Hydrofoil Budapest – Vienna

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Hydrofoil from Budapest to Vienna Austria

Austria Hungary
Budapest tours by hydrofoil is a favorite Danube River ship tour. You can travel by hydrofoil from Budapest to some places inside Hungary and to Vienna Austria or Bratislava Slovakia.

Hydrofoil Budapest on the Danube River
Hydrofoil on the Danube River from the Budapest Hajogyari sziget (island)

Some info about the ship operator company in Hungary: MAHART PassNave Passenger Shipping Ltd. Each year they welcome nearly 1 million passengers and guests on board of the 20 ships and 9 Hydrofoils in their fleet. Complementing their scheduled services there are one hour sightseeing trips, a Margaret Island ferry service, evening music and dance cruises in Budapest. Their events ships (Wine Ship, Kid’s Ship, Folk Ship) offer a variety of events for foreign visitors as well as for Hungarians. Their hydrofoil service linking Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna witch started up 1963, runs from beginning of April to the end of October. In 2006 they started attractively priced 2 day trips to Bratislava and Vienna running several times during the season. From the beginning of May to the end of September hydrofoils also run to Esztergom, stopping at Visegrad and Nagymaros and other tours run several times to Komarom, Solt, Kalocsa and Mohacs.

Further information about hydrofoil Budapest.

Check in and passport control from one hour prior to departure of the hydrofoil. Latest check-in 15 minutes before departure. Free luggage transport up to 20 kg, overweight EUR 1/kg. Services on board: a la carte buffet with cold dishes and drinks, stewardess, guidance about the sights along the Danube, complete catering menus for groups (over 10 people) on advanced order. On-board booking of programs, reservations of accommodation and taxi transfers in Budapest. The passengers take up their seats in the order of embarkation. Bicycles can be transported on board of the hydrofoil in limited quantity in turn of bicycle tickets. Pets are not allowed abroad. The price of the ticket includes: the fare, port dues, the travel insurance of passenger in case of personal injuries or luggage loss while abroad the hydrofoil.

Budapest Ships Landing Stage
The Budapest International Ship Landing Stage on the Belgrad rakpart.

International Hydrofoil Timetable: Budapest – Bratislava – Vienna
From 8 of April – 29 of October daily trips.

Hydrofoil Budapest Departure: 9:00 a.m. arrival to Bratislava 1:30 p.m. and Vienna 3:20 p.m.
The hydrofoil does not await in Bratislava.
Hydrofoil Vienna Departure: 9:00 a.m. arrival to Bratislava 10:30 a.m. arrival back to Budapest 2:30 p.m.
Back to Budapest the time of the hydrofoil trip is less with an hour than the direction of Vienna because of the River Danube direction of flow.

Fares of the hydrofoil trips in EURO:

Budapest – Vienna:
One way: EUR 79, student ticket: EUR: 69 children (6-15 years) EUR: 39,50.
Round-trip: EUR: 99, student ticket: EUR: 89 children (6-15 years) EUR: 49,50.

Budapest – Bratislava:
One way: EUR 69, student ticket: EUR: 59 children (6-15 years) EUR: 34,50.
Round-trip: EUR: 89, student ticket: EUR: 79 children (6-15 years) EUR: 44,50.

Bratislava – Vienna:
One way: EUR 23, student ticket: EUR: 23 children (6-15 years) EUR: 11,50.
Round-trip: EUR: 39, student ticket: EUR: 39 children (6-15 years) EUR: 19,50.

Maximum of 2 children in a family, not older than 6 years accompanied by 2 full price paying adults travel fee (in case they do not require separated seats on the hydrofoil).

Bicycle transport: 20 EUR per bicycle one way.

Budapest Vienna river map
The map of the Danube River from Budapest Hungary to Vienna Austria
One day tours to Bratislava with combined tickets (hydrofoil and bus for back)

Departure from Budapest by hydrofoil liner of MAHART PassNave 9:00 am. and back from Bratislava 4:45 pm by Volan bus liner.

Fare: EUR 79 per person. Children discount between 6-15 of age 50% (children under 6 years of age if they do not requires separate seats travel free).

One day tours to Vienna with combined tickets (hydrofoil and bus or train for back)

Departure from Budapest by hydrofoil liner of MAHART PassNave 9:00 am. and back from Vienna 7 pm. By Volanbus liner or by any scheduled international train from Vienna to Budapest.

Fare: (combination of train): EUR 116 per person extra fee for first class train: EUR 18 per person. Children’s discount between 4-14 years of age 50% (children under 4 years of age if they do not requires separate seats travel free).

Fare: (combination of bus): EUR 89 per person.

Mahart Passnave Budapest
Information and ticket sales:
International Landing Stage Budapest
H-1056 Budapest, Belgrad rakpart.
Tel: + 36 1 484-4025 or +36 1 484-4010
Fax: +30 1 266-4201

Hydrofoil Budapest Vienna Austria

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