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Museums in Budapest

Posted in Museums in Budapest by arpiboy on August 23rd, 2011

If you are travelling to Budapest and want to make sure you soak up some culture, then the great museums which can be found here are the best places to start. You can travel to Budapest from the UK by plane in a few hours, but if you want to be adventurous, you can also travel by train.

If you choose to get to Budapest this way, then it will take a lot longer but may be more reasonably priced. On many trains, you will also be able to get wireless internet access, so you can surf the web, check you e-mails or play PartyPoker Hungary.
Once you get to Budapest the real fun can begin, as there is so much to see and do.

Perhaps you may want to begin by visiting the Museum of Fine Arts. This is the largest fine arts museum throughout Hungary and definitely has a lot to offer. The building was created between 1900 and 1906 in an eclectic-neoclassical style, its plans being made by Albert Schickedanz and Fülöp Herzog.

If you enter inside this grand structure, you will find ancient Egyptian Art, paintings by Raffaello and El Graco, and sculpture, as well as other great items of interest.

Another interesting place to visit is the M?csarnok. This gallery centers around the contemporary visual arts, with around five or six major exhibitions taking place every year.

There are many other museums in Budapest, including the Hungarian National Museum. There are several permanent exhibitions on here, including the ‘History of Hungary from the foundation of the state to 1990 Middle Ages’. As well as this, there is an exhibition entitled ‘Modern and Contemporary History’, so if you are interested in Hungary’s past, this is a great place to check out.

Van Gogh Budapest

Posted in Museums in Budapest by arpiboy on December 9th, 2006

Van Gogh in Budapest
Van Gogh Exhibition in the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
2 December 2006 – 20 March 2007
Daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

On Thursdays until 10 p.m. with special Museum programs
Closed on Mondays except 1 January 2007
Closed on 24, 25, 31 December 2006

Admission: HUF 3.400

museum of fine arts budapest
Address of the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest

Dózsa György street 41
1146 Budapest (Heroes’ Square near to the City Park and the Time Wheel)
Telephone: +36 1 469 7100
Fax: +36 1 469 7171

Ludwig Museum Budapest

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10th anniversary of the Ludwig Museum Budapest.

Museum of the contemporary art.

Saturday, 25 of November 2006

H-1095 Budapest, Komor Marcell u. 1.
Phone: (36-1) 555 3444
Fax: (36-1) 555 3458

Budapest Synagogue – Jewish Museum

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synagogue budapest dohany utca
Budapest Synagogue and the Jewish Museum

dohany utca zsinagogaThe glorious building of Budapest Synagogue in Byzantine Moorish style is the largest synagogue of Europe. It was built by Viennese architect Ludwig Forstner in the middle of 19th century. One of Budapest’s most imposing historical monuments it is faced in white and red brick with a wealth of ceramic decorative elements and two onion dome towers. The Jewish museum has an unequalled collection of Jewish related items from Roman period to the 20th century.

The Budapest Synagogue is situated in the Dohany Street and it is between the Astoria and the Deak Ferenc (ter) square closer to Astoria. Easy to get there by public transport: bus, tram, trolley bus, subway (metro) because it is in the city center of Budapest.

The Jewish Museum built in fitting style and attached to the uniquely beautiful Dohany Street Synagogue has an unparalleled collection of Judaica.

Permanent exhibitions: devotional objects for Jewish celebrations, everyday objects, history of the Hungarian Holocaust.

Budapest Synagogue photo
Opening hours of the Budapest Synagogue and the Jewish Museum:

Mon-Thur: 10 am.-5pm. (10 am-3pm between 1 of November and 14 of April)
Fri, Sun: 10am-2pm.
The price of admission (HUF 500-2000) includes entry to the Jewish Museum and the Budapest Synagogue.

Dohany street 2.
Tel: +36 (1) 342-9849

Statue Park Budapest

Posted in Museums in Budapest by arpiboy on October 30th, 2006

Statue Park HungaryStatue Park Budapest is a special historical museum outside of Budapest downtown and close to the city of Erd.
You can see communist statues form the past of the history of Hungary and the Hungarian communist era, dictatorship.
You’ll sell communist statues like Marx, Engels, Lenin and other Soviet “heroes”, soldiers, dictators.
The museum is open every day from 10 am to sunset.
For more info you can visit the official site of the Statue Park Budapest here:

Statue Park Budapest
The main entrance of the Statue Park Budapest.
How to get to the Statue Park Budapest?

By car if you have a rental one just find the road number 7 on the Buda side of the Capital City the direction is Lake Balaton. When you pass the border of Budapest you’ll find the Statue Park on the right side of the road about 5 miles. (South Buda cornef of Balatoni street and Szabadka street)

By Volanbus (autobus) from the Etele Square bus station with a yellow bus the direction is Erd city through Diosd (village).
Important you can go to Erd on a different way with another yellow bus from Etele square do not take the bus to Erd on the M7 highway, that is wrong if you wanna go to the Statue Park Hungary, take the Diosd way only!
The trip takes about 10-15 minutes long, possibly the bus driver will help you and remind you at the right stop. Ask him to say something, maybe he speaks some English.

The easiest way to get to the Statue Park by cab (not only yellow cab) in Hungary only some of the are yellow.

This is the most expensive way. There is a lot of cabs in the city of Budapest. An advice if you want to pay less do not catch a cab on the street call one from the cab (taxi) company like If you get a cab on the street in Budapest better before he starts to go there arrange the exact price this way he won’t cheat on you!

Direct bus from Budapest downtown Deak Ferenc square subway station every day 11 am (in July and August even 3 pm).

Prices for the entrance ticket only HUF 600, direct bus plus entrance ticket is HUF 2400. If you have Budapest Card you have the discounted HUF 1950 price.
If you need the direct bus and the ticket and English guiding it’ll cost HUF 4450.
If you do not know anything or just something about communism how bad it was this excursion is a good way to find something out it. Visit the Statue Park Budapest.

House of Terror Budapest – Terror Haza Budapest

Posted in Museums in Budapest by arpiboy on October 24th, 2006

The photos has been taken to 22 of October 2006 one day before the 50 Th. anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution 1956.
There was a big event on the Andrassy boulevard.
The House of Terror has been built to 2002 this is a memorial museum of the victims of the communist dictatorship and era in Hungary.
In the House of Terror Museum you can see a lot of photos about the victims, and the other side. You can watch interviews and short movies on the displays.
There are an interesting room in the Terror Haza Muzeum a map on a carpet you can walk.
In the museum I cannot use my camera so visit the official site of the museum for photos or visit it if you are in Budapest.
House of Terror Budapest museum picture
The House of Terror (Terror Haza) museum building in Budapest

Terror Haza Budapest

House of Terror Budapest

VI. Andrassy ut 60, Budapest, Hungary

Tel: (+36-1) 374 26 00


Aquincum Museum Budapest

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Aquincum Museum Budapest
Aquincum Museum Budapest Photo

The part of Budapest city now known is Obuda is the site of the principal town of the Roman province of Pannonia.

Budapest Aquincum Museum photo
The frontier of the Roman Empire ran along the line of the Danube River, and Budapest’s 2000 years old forerunner was called Aquincum. It was an important military center, but a civilian town of merchants and artists also grew up around it. Remains of the military amphitheatre can be seen at Obuda and a mile further on ruins of the streets of the civilian town of its houses.
Aquincum Budapest
Now there is the aquincum museum where you can see the ruins of the Roman Aquincum.

Address: 139. Szentendrei street
Budapest district III.
Tel: +36 (1) 2501-650