Introduction To Launching Your Trailer Boat At The Ramp

In the spring When you decide to take your boat out for the first ride of the season there are things you should check before launching your boat williams park boat ramp. First you should start to motor and be sure its O.K. any problems here and your trip will be problematic then be sure to check your trailer tie downs, winch, tires bearings, lights “It’s a good idea to stop for fuel on the way”. After getting to the ramp and getting settled in line take a look around the outside and under the hull then the propeller area, check for any prospective problems.

Then be sure to install the hull plug or plugs “fishing setups vary” first you should stick something in the opening to make sure all the water has drained out. Most are located in the back lowest part of the hull. Get onboard scrutinize for fuel and vapor hazards Then examine Your Safety Gear after you may want to load any other supplies onboard “coolers, food, gear, etc.” it’s better then waiting for the last minute. After these are done and youre still waiting in line you may want to inspect the ramp there may be obstacles or sudden drop offs that you may need to know before you back in. Then evaluate the others as they launch then for pointers of what to and not to do. “This can be very entertaining as people do some of the strangest things I’m not sure but I think it has to do with being the center of attention all of a sudden”. To some people use public ramp watching is a form of recreation.

When its your turn at the ramp first thing “Don’t panic
relax take a deep breath then go” I like
to have a line tied to the bow cleat first then take your
time and carefully back your boat down
slowly until the stern is floating. Get onboard check the
bilge for fumes or too much water
“missed a hull plug” when the boat is leveled out. Now if
all is well prep and start the motor
“be sure the propeller area is clear” once running unhook
the trailer and ease the boat off the
trailer tie to dock or have someone help and park your
vehicle “other People in line appear to
get bothered if you leave you vehicle on the ramp too

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