Statue Park Budapest

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Statue Park HungaryStatue Park Budapest is a special historical museum outside of Budapest downtown and close to the city of Erd.
You can see communist statues form the past of the history of Hungary and the Hungarian communist era, dictatorship.
You’ll sell communist statues like Marx, Engels, Lenin and other Soviet “heroes”, soldiers, dictators.
The museum is open every day from 10 am to sunset.
For more info you can visit the official site of the Statue Park Budapest here:

Statue Park Budapest
The main entrance of the Statue Park Budapest.
How to get to the Statue Park Budapest?

By car if you have a rental one just find the road number 7 on the Buda side of the Capital City the direction is Lake Balaton. When you pass the border of Budapest you’ll find the Statue Park on the right side of the road about 5 miles. (South Buda cornef of Balatoni street and Szabadka street)

By Volanbus (autobus) from the Etele Square bus station with a yellow bus the direction is Erd city through Diosd (village).
Important you can go to Erd on a different way with another yellow bus from Etele square do not take the bus to Erd on the M7 highway, that is wrong if you wanna go to the Statue Park Hungary, take the Diosd way only!
The trip takes about 10-15 minutes long, possibly the bus driver will help you and remind you at the right stop. Ask him to say something, maybe he speaks some English.

The easiest way to get to the Statue Park by cab (not only yellow cab) in Hungary only some of the are yellow.

This is the most expensive way. There is a lot of cabs in the city of Budapest. An advice if you want to pay less do not catch a cab on the street call one from the cab (taxi) company like If you get a cab on the street in Budapest better before he starts to go there arrange the exact price this way he won’t cheat on you!

Direct bus from Budapest downtown Deak Ferenc square subway station every day 11 am (in July and August even 3 pm).

Prices for the entrance ticket only HUF 600, direct bus plus entrance ticket is HUF 2400. If you have Budapest Card you have the discounted HUF 1950 price.
If you need the direct bus and the ticket and English guiding it’ll cost HUF 4450.
If you do not know anything or just something about communism how bad it was this excursion is a good way to find something out it. Visit the Statue Park Budapest.

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