Budapest Jobs

To find a job in Budapest without Hungarian language knowledge the best way is to apply at a multinational company which has an office in Budapest. Most big Hungarian companies such as energy companies, telecommunication companies or insurances and banks require Hungarian language knowledge at a business level. So if you decide to move to Hungary for whatever reason and search for a job with English language knowledge only than you should search online for large, international cooperations such as Mercedes Benz, Vodafone or Nokia and apply there directly.

Another possibility is to send your CV and motivation letter to one of the many headhunting companies which search for positions with requirements that suite your experience and skills. Most headhunters have a large network of companies they work with in order to find the right position for you.

In case you come to Hungary for studying and you are looking for a student job you have several chances to do so. International companies are often searching for students help or even give internships during the time you are visiting university and pay a reasonable amount of money. However you also can try to apply in restaurants, bars and cafes with rather international customers than locals where foreign languages are needed.